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SGC Super Swim League Teams

These teams have been painstakingly put together to ensure the closest possible racing (point scoring) throughout the event, based on each swimmers times as provided and updated after the SGC Short Course Championships. As such, we will not be entering into discussion around swimmers changing teams to be with their friends. This event is designed to promote fun, excitement and team-based racing opportunities, like never before. There are events for ALL swimmers to compete and the aim is to get as many points for your team as possible. Whilst abilities differ, every swimmer's potential to earn the maximum points for their team is paramount to their TEAM succeeding. There are no individual awards in this event. Whilst you may not be in a team with your friend, they will be there on pool deck. This is a great chance to develop new friendships and supporters throughout the region.

Swimming Gold Coast will be using TeamApp as the only communication tool for the SGC Super Swim League. Every swimmer is in the process of being allocated to their specific team within TeamApp and more details will be emailed prior to Monday. From that point forward, TeamApp will be our only platform for communication.


SGC has also partnered with Team Elite for the supply of merchandise for the SGC Super Swim League. Details are to be released on our SGC SSL webpage on Monday. NOTE: swimmers will automatically receive a team shirt and cap.

PLEASE NOTE: we still require 1 x 15yr+ Boys in order to fulfil the event - please encourage other swimmers you know to join, they will have a great time and be part of something new and exciting!!!!

Within the images below are the list of swimmers on each team for the SGC Super Swim League.

Coaches will be announced early next week.

SGCSSL Logo - V2_edited_edited.jpg
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