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SGC Logo - Small.jpg

Development is one of our main purposes here at Swimming Gold Coast. We aim to provide innovative, exciting, educational and fun experiences, not only for our swimmers, but also our coaches and technical officials.

Swimming Gold Coast hold development activities, including:

  • Clinics for swimmers, both in-water and out-of-water events aimed to develop each and every swimmer to their fullest potential as a swimmer, but also as a valued member of society;

  • Representative teams that currently include the Patron Shield, Inter-Regional and Regional Relay teams;

  • Bi-annual coaching conferences aimed to provide development to our regions coaches;

  • Coaching opportunities at our regional representative levels to allow coaches to gain experiences working in a team environment at a representative level; and

  • Working with the technical sub-committee to provide opportunities for technical officials to expand their knowledge and experiences with appointments to regional representative activities.

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