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SGC Governance

The Australian Sport Commission has outline 9 principles of governance:

Principle 1: The spirit of the game—values-driven culture and behaviours

Principle 2: The team—aligned sport through collaborative governance

Principle 3: The gameplan—a clear vision that informs strategy

Principle 4: The players—a diverse board to enable considered decision-making

Principle 5: The rulebook—documents that outline duties, powers, roles and responsibilities

Principle 6: The playbook—board processes which ensure accountability and transparency

Principle 7: The defence—a system which protects the organisation

Principle 8: The best and fairest—a system for ensuring integrity

Principle 9: The scorecard—embedded systems of internal review to foster continuous improvement

For more information visit the SportAus governance document - LINK HERE

Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled. It is the way in which expectations are made clear and the culture of the organisation is modelled. Governance is not only relevant to large national sporting organisations; it is important for all organisations in our sector. Swimming Gold Coast understand the important role we play, as a committee in providing fun, fair, inclusive and relevant opportunities for swimmers within the region.

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