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SGC Super Swim League - Round 3

Firstly can I say thank you to those that have embraced the fun and exciting concept that is the SGC Super Swim League. It has been an incredible experience for us here at Swimming Gold Coast and it has been awesome to see the enjoyment from the swimmers, coaches and technical officials. We have a couple of updates regarding the final round to be held this coming Friday.

  1. The venue has been changed for the final round. Originally slated to be run at Bond University, we have had to change venues to head back to All Saints Anglican College for the final round. Whilst Bond is a fantastic facility, we were unable to provide any food preparation services onsite as per University regulations, which we determined was unacceptable on a Friday night for swimmers and their families when they are onsite from 4:30pm until 8pm. Also, with impending wet weather possible on Friday, we were unable to provide adequate wet weather coverage for swimmers and spectators. As such, the SGC committee, in conjunction with Bond University and All Saints have decided to move the event back to All Saints for the final round.

  2. As we are back at an indoor venue, can we please ask that NO air horns be brought back for the event. Whilst they were introduced to ramp up the atmosphere and cheering, it had a negative effect on some swimmers and spectators. We have no intention of increasing the anxiety or stress of any participants, that is not what this event is about, so can we please ask not to bring any air horns.

  3. We have had an enormous task of putting together this event, involving many hundreds of hours over the last few months. We understand that there is a large amount of sickness floating around at the moment, but we need to ask that if you are not able to make the final round due to illness, then you let us know as soon as possible. Finding replacements on Friday is extremely stressful on the committee, who are volunteers and are trying to fit in their own work and family life as well as planning for other swim events taking place over the next 2 weeks. As such, are you able to just return a quick email to confirm your attendance, by Wednesday 9pm to so we can compile the teams as accurately as possible. If you are unable to make it due to prior commitments or any other reason, could you please also let us know by tomorrow 9pm. To not show up, or withdraw late on Friday is unfair on the team, the coaches, the committee, as well as those fantastic swimmers that have filled in at the last minute.

Thank you for your understanding and with all of your help, we are really looking forward to finish this exciting new event with a bang!!!!!

I have attached this weeks program of events, where we are introducing skins – looks a little crazy again.

See you all on Friday!!!

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