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Dolphin Timing System

 The Dolphin Wireless Timing System is rented as one item per event, regardless of how many components of the Timing System are hired. The total system includes:

Timing System

: 1 x Dolphin Starter Unit
: 1 x Power Adaptor/Charger
: 1 x Dolphin Starter Tripod
: 1 x USB Interface
: 30 x Handheld Timers


: 1 x Laser Printer
: 1 x Power cable
: 1 x USB Printer cable

Laptop Computer

: 1 x Laptop Computer
: 1 x Power supply unit with cable
: 1 x additional LCD Monitor with power cable and HDMI monitor cable

The Timing System is not rented with instructions so it is advised the operator is trained on the configuration and running of this unit prior to them renting it.

When hiring the timing system Your club is responsible for:

- Either including the SGC region laptop in your hire, or provision of your own laptop. You must run your own current dated licensed version of Meet Manager on the laptop - currently ver8 and have the current timing system software installed

- Connecting the Dolphin system to yours or the SGC laptop and ensuring the smooth operation of your timing system prior to the day of the meet. The region recommends running a number of dummy heats and ensuring timing works as expected and results are saved appropriately in Meet Manager.

- Checking the batteries in each handheld timer prior to and during the meet (The GCRSA will provide 10 spare Standard 9 volt batteries with each rental)

- Ensuring the starter unit is fully charged prior to commencement of the meet each day (you cannot have the power adapter connected to the starter unit during the meet).

Note: The region can provide a competent Meet Manager operator for your meet. lease see step 4 of the process - link here.

When hiring the Laser Printer, your club is responsible for:

- Ensuring the printer software is downloaded and installed to the laptop you are running your meet manager software on, and that you have performed a number of test prints from Meet Manager prior to the day of the meet

- Providing sufficient laser quality A4 paper for printing on during the meet (suggestion: 1 ream of 500 sheets of 80GSM laser paper)

When hiring the SGC Laptop Your club is responsible for:

- Installing your clubs license to the Meet Manager installation

- Importing your own TM event file from your OME Club Lane download

The SGC laptop computer has the latest versions of the following software installed:

- Meet Manager by Hytek
- Dolphin Colorado timing systems software
- Laser Printer Drivers​

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