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The theory behind this concept is to increase the resources available to Gold Coast coaches, in a local environment to gain additional experience, information, contacts and personal development requirements for ASCTA reaccreditation.

The topics that will be put forward will largely be dependent on feedback from you, the coaches, as these are for you to get the latest information and knowledge that best serves your purpose in becoming the best coach you can be and guiding your swimmers towards obtaining their goals.

There is an enormous amount of information that swimmers and their parents expect coaches to know in the world of “elite junior swimming”, however, there is no way possible for anyone to know everything. The aim of these events is to provide ALL coaches on the Gold Coast with the general understanding of the multifaceted components of sport coaching and athlete management such as nutrition, sports psychology, strength & conditioning, recovery, breathing, mental wellbeing etc.

It is also to provide you with a contact list of subject matter experts that are local here to the Gold Coast that you can work with in conjunction with any swimmer that you feel comfortable referring, where required.

SGC Coaches Conference

SGC Logo - Small.jpg

2023 SGC Coaches Conference - Event 6 - Coach Roundtable

When:    Thursday 2nd November 2023

Where:   Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre

Time:      10am - 1pm

Entry:     Free

Lunch:    Provided

Close:    9pm Tuesday 31st October 2023

Cap:       No entry limits


Another development day based on feedback, discussion with GC Coaches we have prepared the following program run at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre


  • 10am - 11.15am 

    • Kyle Samuelson and Zander Hey  

      • Lessons and experiences from developing the 

      • The Bond University Swimming Pathway 

  • 11.25 - 11.55pm 

    • Coaching Panel discussing, in an Q and A style, 

    • Building programs to develop better athletes and pathways.

  • 11.55 LUNCH  - PROVIDED

  • 12.15pm -1.30pm

    • SGC Hot Topic by Performance Dietician - Amy Lee Bowler

      • Fueling for Performance and recovery

Chris Mooney touched on this at our last conference - such a critical element to successful program. There is great deal of talk in sport at the moment about the impact and understanding of how nutrition can dramatically impact many areas including:

  • Physically recovery, training repeatability and peak performance

  • Mental application and mood

  • Skill acquisition and retention under pressure

  • its impact on the immune system 


A talk not to be missed. Such a critical element of performance we cannot afford to ignore.. this one topic could be your squad's point of difference for the season.

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