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SGC Aust. Age Preparation Clinic

When:    Wednesday 11th January 2023

Where:   Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Age:       13-19yrs

Entry:     Free

Clinic:    Dry Clinic - Presenters - See Below

Rego:    Open - Tuesday 20th December 2022 - 5pm

              Close - Monday 9th January 2023 - 9pm

Cap:       40 swimmers 

Restrictions: nil


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Swimming Gold Coast will be hosting a development clinic on Wednesday 11th January 2023 at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. This will be a tailored course for swimmers aged 13-18 years Female and 14-19 years Male, who have achieved or are within 2% of Australian Age (2023) Qualifying Times - HERE. Parents may also attend the sports nutrition session which will assist in supporting your swimmer.

The intention of these workshops is to help you prepare for your most important event of the swimming year - or maybe even of your swimming career to date! For some swimmers, this will be your first Australian Age Meet, and for others you may have already taken part in the amazing experience of Australian Age! Your coaches have done a great job to get you to the point of achieving those elusive qualifying times – Swimming Gold Coast would like to support you with those extra 1 percenter’s that can help put the icing on the cake for your performance in April, on the Gold Coast.

Swimmers who meet the eligibility criteria, are asked to submit their expression of interest through the registration link below. You will also need to RSVP for your parent/caregiver who would like to attend. Spaces are limited, so please be sure to RSVP as soon as you can.

Clinic Content

There will be 2 sessions provided on the day by specialists in their respective areas:

Topic - Preparing for Nationals and Athlete Wellness - 9.30am – 11.30am

  • Facilitator – Janelle Pallister - HP Hub Co-Coach & Coach Griffith University

  • Facilitator - Thea Dillon - Sport Wellbeing Consultant & Australian Olympic/Paralympic Therapist

Topic - Transitioning to an elite athlete and fueling your body - 12.00pm – 2.00pm

  • Facilitator – Brant Best - Swimming Queensland Coach Development Officer

  • Facilitator - Amy Bowler - QAS Sports Nutritionist and Dietician 

Facilitators are well experienced with swimmers and their needs and will provide you guidance and information that will help you perform to your best ability.  

These sessions are designed to be interactive and informative – so bring plenty of questions. There will be no swimming for you on this day, we will be based in meeting rooms. Bring notepads, pens, snacks and water (no catering will be provided on the day).



To be eligible to participate a swimmer must:

  • Be a member of a Swimming Gold Coast Swimming Club;

  • Be in the following age group categories: Girls 13 – 18 years / Boys 14 - 19 years;

  • Ages as of the date of the Australian Age - 7th April 2023;

  • Have achieved a Australian Age Qualifying Time or be within 2% of that time;

  • Sort the permission of their coach.

No catering will be provided at these sessions, so please bring your own water and snacks.

Closing date for RSVP is Monday 9th January 2023 at 9pm.





Swim coaches have the ability to request the region to consider additional swimmers to be added to the development camp.  The coach will email the regional committee to request consideration with times of the swimmer.  Parents are to liaise with coaches regarding selection and addition to any development clinic.

A coach of a club who does not have a swimmer selected for the clinic can nominate a swimmer to attend the clinic provided a coach from the club also attends.

The Swimmer Selection Panel may amend these selection criteria at any time at its discretion in the best interests of the swimmers and the development of swimming for the region.

All enquiries are to be direct by email only to

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